Spring 2022
Dear Vera & William friends!
           We are extatic to welcome you all to be a part of our journey!  
In this diary, we will share great moments and important announcements to come.
First, we proudly present our audio-visual project «Epos á More» !
This is a tribute to the timeless yet modern woman and Møres great history and cultural legacy. Last November, we went to Møre - Hustadvika and Averøya, located on the north west coast of Norway to do the campaigne shoot. In this blog you will find some behind-the-scenes snaps. We hope you like it as much as we do :)
Look at and experience the spectacular music we utilized for our short video:
Soundtrack by the danish DANHEIM - the track "Kala". We simply LOVE the tones & beats! It kinda brings us back to our Ancestors. DANHEIM has among many projects also made the soundtrack to the Netflix success "Vikings", which we find truly inspiring, - Enjoy!
First day at Hustadvika. It is an extraordinary beautiful and dramatic coastline up there!
 Photographer Sara and the creative team checking light and details.
Første opptak i Kværnes kirke.
In the ancient beautiful church in Kværnes.
In Kværnes chirch
The walls in the church was handpainted long time ago... Think about all the history in this walls.
The stylist, Sunniva, finishing up her final touches on the look.
Light setting in Nowember rain and storm.
Make up artist and hair stylist Jeanette make Malin look fresh and natural.
Cameraman Marius is prepared.
Møre Romsdal has a lot of unique handcrafts men and jewellery & fashion designers, and we are proud to highlight a selected few that we are presenting in this project.
 Anne Cecilie, Founder of Vera & William, with her son and assistant, Ole Kristopher, known as Ollis :)
 Film photographer Marius Aaserud
Marius capturing the moment on Hustadsanda beach.
And action!
Malin taking a walk on the wild side! Can you spot the windsurfer riding on the wave? Thats me, he he! ( I wish, I was sent straight to Covid-quarantane when I arrived in Molde).
Such a beautiful light out here! Kind of a little bit chilly, though...
Everything is set, roll camera!
The selected designers and brands we brought along: Krivi Vev, Rauma Garn, Rørås Tweed, Birdyea, Retrolykke, ARV and Møre Bånd & Vev. Regarding jewellery, we got some beautiful and unique pieces from Liv Misund, S-Kane, Renate Jewellery, Katrine Lindman, Uri Design and Sylvsmidja. All with roots to our beautiful Region of Møre.
(an overview of adresses below in this article).
Inside the old boathouse.
Tech check!
Perfect, there!
MUA Jeanette Gjerde Olsen smiling in spite of the harsh Norwegian weather.
It´s a wrap! 
The shoot was done by a commendable team from the Norwegian fashion industry, containing Photographer Sara A. Spilling, Make-up artist and hairstylist Jeanette Gjerde Olsen, stylist Sunniva Hartgen with styling assistant André Rønning - all from Pudder Agency. Drone photographer Octawian Gornik and film photographer Marius Aaserud, B-photo/Assistant Markus Henriksen,  A special thanks to assistant Ole Kristopher Rinde and to model Malin Elisabeth Stener Kvande who is affiliated with the model agency i-d Studio www.idollooks.com 
All the behind-the-scenes photos by Magnus Nordstrand.
Thank you for watching, and please stay tuned -
we looking forward to present the final campaign for you very soon :)
All the best,
Camilla & Anne Cecilie
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